The local gem for all
your care needs.
Invest in a precious
thing ... your health
care needs.
About Us
We are three local ladies with many years experience in the home care industry,
and we believe that your needs are best served if the company and the people
in it are focused on the delivery of good quality care by staff who believe that it is
their vocation to do so.
We will remain local and do not intend to grow to a size where you become just
another service user!
Our intention is to maintain a quality of service that both you, and we. are proud of.
Our Philosophy
The service user is our number one priority.
Continuity, understanding, communication and reliability are very important factors
to a successful partnership between the service user and Blue Sapphire Care.
Call times are pre-arranged and agreed. We pride ourselves that visits are punctual.
15 minutes either side for travel considerations!
All carers are clean and smartly dressed at all times.
The office is open between 7:00am and 4:00pm for general enquiries,
and until 10:00pm for emergency contact with a support manager.
Blue Sapphire Care Ltd.  Suite 6 Market House, 25 Market Square,
Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. LU7 1EU.
Tel : 01525 853481